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Our center is a prime example independent diagnostic facility providing quality diagnostic services. We are equipped with a range of more than 15 fully automated diagnostic equipments. This combined with a well trained and experienced team we assure you high quality diagnostic service.

Services Under One Roof

  • Several Preventive Health Check-ups.
  • Pathology Lab Tests.
  • Microbiology Lab Tests.
  • Cancer Screening Tests.
  • Hormone Testing.
  • Radiology Centre with Digital X-ray.
  • Ultra-Sonography Cardiology Tests including ECG, Color Doppler & 2-D ECHO-cardiograph

Latest Technology

Our center is very well equipped diagnostic center in Mumbai with more than 15 different instrument platforms to perform various category of tests. The Center has adapted the latest technology on offer, for all its major services including:

  • Pathology Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • X-ray Imaging, Cardiology and Health Check-ups.

Experienced and Dedicated Team

Our center is managed by a experienced team.

  • Consultant Pathologist.
  • Consultant Microbiologist.
  • Consultant Radiologist.
  • Consultant Cardiologist.
  • Lady Physician.
  • Lab Technologist
  • X-ray Technicians, Nurse etc.